Your Business Taxes

Attention Business Owners: It’s that time of year again – time to file your business tax return. Don’t trust your business taxes to just any accountant…

You Need a CPA with the Experience and Know-How to Save You Money!

Filing business taxes properly is serious business!This year’s new tax laws have hit business owners hard.

The federal government and the IRS have come up with even more ways to take money away from hard working business owners.

And, unless your accountant knows exactly where he can save you money, you may end up paying thousands…or even tens-of-thousands…more to the IRS than you have to.

Believe me, I know. I’m John Burke, CPA, and I’ve helped many business owners, just like you, save tens-of-thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes by finding tax breaks that other accountants missed.

Don’t fall victim to an under-experienced CPA.

You need high-quality professionalism and years of experience when it comes to your business tax return.

In fact, you need a CPA who:

  • Knows all the latest tax laws and how they affect your business
  • Works hard to get you every legal tax deduction available
  • Has a proven track record of saving his clients money
  • Answers your phone calls, emails, and questions quickly and in person

Sure, there are cheap accountants out there. I’m not one of them.

I work hard to get every legal tax deduction possible for your business. And quite frankly, I believe you get what you pay for.

So, if cheap is what is most important to you – you’re in the wrong place.

If top-notch quality, decades of experience, and personalized service are what you’re looking for – you’ve found your new CPA.

Give me a call now and let’s discuss your business taxes! 541-645-0006

“I’ve engaged John Burke for both personal and business accounting and tax services. He spends the time necessary to truly understand a client’s situation, asking questions and probing for details. This ability ensures he hasn’t missed a potential savings. His extensive business knowledge allows him to offer sage advice and guidance to help his clients optimize their tax positions and cashflow. I HIGHLY recommend him for both personal and business related accounting and tax needs.”
– Preston Callicott