About John Burke, CPA

John Burke, CPA in Bend, Oregon

John Burke, CPA has a knack for finding every legal way to get clients more money by paying less in taxes. In the past, he’s found mistakes and missed opportunities that have helped his clients keep more of what they make. With more than 30 years running his own CPA firm, John Burke has served clients in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, services, agriculture, and manufacturing, to name a few. John has been a contract CFO for a successful real estate developer. As a financial consultant, he has helped a concrete construction firm owner bring costs down. And he’s coached an heating and air conditioning contractor how to significantly improve his margins so he could keep more of what he made. Licensed to practice in Oregon, John works with clients on their tax needs in many ways:

  • Reviewing prior returns and finding errors and missed opportunities,
  • Making tax planning suggestions,
  • Representing clients at IRS audits, and
  • Working with clients on tax preparation and other required filings, and
  • Helps expats and dual citizens comply with FBAR filing requirements.

John earned his undergraduate from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Denver. When he is not working, he enjoys cycling, mountain biking, hiking in high elevations, snowshoeing, and collecting coins.